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"2022" Feature film casting call

Vipex Productions in association with

I.C.C Films

Genre: Dark Comedy Status:Non-union/Union Signatory Principal Photography: Fall River, MA Pay : SAG ULB "2022" rates Slate : Q3 / Summer of 2022


Charmer scam artist with a ego bigger then his shadow and a deceptive "used cars salesman" mentality. Thinks highly of himself. A philosopher of his own mind. Charismatic but yet a rebel with a cau$e.

Dates Sakini and both are partners in crime. A considerably smooth talker but kind of clueless in action and incredible unaware of his own shortcomings.

Often making things up as he goes Entertaining to watch from a safe distance but less entertaining to know on a personal level. Would bury his own mother for a quick dollar.

Male / Lead Role Age range : 30-40 Ethnicity : Any


"Instagram model" living a smoke and mirrors lifestyle. Uses her good looks and chamillionaire personality to get her way.

Behind her façade of being a self-made, focused, businesswoman is a girl trying desperately (and often unsuccessfully) to bury her wrong side of the tracks upbringing.

She can dress the part well but her mean spirited sense of humor is her Achilles heel. Knows how to use her body language and assets to flirt but her mouth and ego often cancel that out.

She creates elaborate stories out of thin air with an incredible confidence but then gets brought back by her inability to remember the important details.

Irrationally competitive with a cheap and stingy demeanor that often surfaces at the wrong times.

Female / Lead Role Age range : 30-40 Ethnicity : Any


Tech Savvy, video gamer geek gone hacker. Flies drones for leisure. Listens to Russian techno music. Low key beach bum with a fascination for self-made stone necklaces.

Straight character in a room full of narcistic con artists.

The brains of the group but a little too much of a follower to have any real control. Even when his ideas are correct, he often falls back into a beta position when challenged too strongly.

Gender open / Supporting Role Age range : 25-35 Ethnicity : Any


High profile business owner, drives expensive toys, drinks blue label, and burns cuban cigars. A materialistic entitled pretentious prick with skeletons in his closet.

Creepy, unpleasant, with a proclivity toward being disrespectful to anyone who is not in his social circle or high up in his world. Lacks considerable social graces and often can't even be bothered with basic common courtesy.

Removed from the false sense of power that his wealth has provided him, he is relatively meek and spineless.

Male / Supporting Role Age range : 35-45 Ethnicity : Any


Corporation manager. Career woman, determined, driven, but utterly humorless when it comes to her position.

Runs her business like a warden runs a prison and protects it like a dog protects its yard.

Often finds her authority undermined publicly by her boss whose sloppy ethics set a poor example for her staff on how things should be run.

Suspects something fishy is going on and While she is unaware of the angle, she approaches it with a strong skepticism. Refuses to let anyone put one over on her.

Female / Supporting Role Age range : 30-45 Ethnicity : Any

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